Professor Hanghang Tong’s “Optimal Dissemination on Graphs: Theory and Algorithms”

November 22, 2013 – Hanghang Tong, an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the City College of the City University of New York, presented his talk, “OptimHanghang Tong - pical Dissemination on Graphs: Theory and Algorithms.” Professor Tong’s research is focused on large scale data mining for graphs and multimedia and has received multiple rewards including best paper award in CIKM 2012 and has published 70 referred articles and more than 20 patents.

In the seminar, Professor Tong talked about his research on graph mining. The techniques discussed are pertinent to studies of networks, such as how rumors spread or how viral marketing expands. Professor Tong offers some insights on how these graphs can be mapped and the math behind it.

If you missed the seminar or would like to review it, you can do so here: