Alexis Gabadinho’s “Workshop on Sequence Analysis and TraMineR

October 11, 2013 – Two months ago, Mr. Alexis Gabadinho, a scientific collaborator at the Institute for Demographic and Life Course Studies at the University of Geneva. We are excited to provide a recorded video of the workshop here on our website.gabadinho_pic

At the workshop, Mr. Gabadinho introduced TraMineR, a downloadable software package in R. Mr. Gabadinho is one of the creators of this program. He demonstrated the versatility of TraMineR  as a software and introduced the use of sequence analysis as a method of analyzing longitudinal data.

The video to this workshop is split into two parts. You can find part one of Sequence Analysis workshop here:

Part two of Sequence Analysis workshop can be watched here:

Additionally, Mr. Gabadinho has generously shared his handouts with us. You can download them here:  As a friendly reminder, be sure to use the proper citations when referencing Mr. Gabadinho’s presentation and handouts. You can download the handouts here: Handouts for Workshop on Sequence Analysis and TramineR

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