Professor Lev Manovich’s Seminar: “How to see 2 million Instagrams?”

October 2, 2013 – Lev Manovich, Professor of Digital Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY, presented his seminar, “How to see 2 million instagrams.” This was the first seminar of Fall 2013. Professor Manovich’s presentation is the first about data visualization within the CUNY Data Mining Initiative’s seminar series.

In the talk, Professor Manovich elaborated on how images and user-generated content can be analyzed to understand patterns and trends. Features can be created from these images. In turn, these features can be visualized. These new visualizations are almost art forms in themselves, but they can also be useful in helping the researcher analyze data about a set of individual images.

If you were unable to attend the seminar, then be sure to catch the talk here:

You can also learn more about Professor Manovich’s work on his website: