Anthony Babinec’s Seminar: “Neural Networks: From Basics To New Developments”

March 15, 2013 – Mr. Anthony Babinec, President of AB Analytics, presented his seminar, “Neural Networks: From Basics To New Developments.” This seminar was both a strong introduction to neural networks for new data miners and an informative examination of how neural networks can be used in data analyses for those more experienced. If you missed the talk, be sure to catch it here:

Mr. Babinec gave an overview of neural networks and some of its applications. Drawing from his years of work in statistics and experience in consulting firms like IBM, Mr. Babinec showed how neural networks can outperform linear and logistic regressions. Additionally, Mr. Babinec also demonstrated examples of neural networks using sample data sets with SPSS Modeler and SAS JMP. As he points out, both software packages have their pros and cons when it comes to model building and data analyses.

Want to learn more about neural networks? Then be sure to check out the presentation! Mr. Babinec has also offered to share the word document he used in his presentation. If you would like a copy, you can make a request by emailing us at